The Legal Foundations and Borders of Israel Under International Law

A Treatise on Jewish Sovereignty over the Land of Israel

Author:  Howard Grief

ISBN: 978-965-7344-52-1

This book is a comprehensive and systematic legal study and exposition of Jewish national and political rights to all of the Land of Israel under international law. The book is designed not merely for jurists and lawyers, but for anyone wishing to gain a clear understanding of the true facts and background that led up to the re-birth of the Jewish State of Israel in 1948.

Grief’s book is comprised of five mutually independent sections as well as five interesting appendices. Section I discusses the Origin of the Jewish Legal Title over Palestine and the Land of Israel . Section II deals with the Continuation of Jewish Legal Rights and Title of Sovereignty upon the termination of the Mandate for Palestine . Section III answers the question of how Jewish legal rights and title of sovereignty in regard to Palestine became obscured and forgotten after they were first recognized in international law. Section IV is devoted to the Switch in National Identities and Names, featuring a discussion of Palestinian Nationality and the Arab Appropriation of the name “Palestinians” that originally referred principally to the Jews of Palestine. Section V, the concluding part of the book, details the remedial steps that should be taken to preserve Jewish legal rights and title of sovereignty over the Land of Israel in the face of persistent Arab attempts to usurp them as their own.

Grief’s book is a convincing presentation of Israel ’s legal case to the land known throughout history by various names: Canaan, the Land of Israel , Judah or Judea, the Land of Zion , Palestine , the Holy Land or the Promised Land. It provides incontrovertible evidence and an in-depth analysis in support of Israel ’s position, while at the same time, the book exposes the falsity of the Arab “Palestinian” claim to the land.

No person seeking to be conversant with or knowledgeable about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East involving Israel and the Arab-Muslim world can afford not to read this well-documented and exceptionally well-written book that is magisterial in sweep and content.

About the author

The author is veteran Attorney Howard Grief, a member of the Bars of Israel and Quebec , who served as legal adviser on the Land of Israel to Professor Yuval Ne’eman, when he served as Israeli Minister of Energy and Infrastructure. To learn more visit


Step into Character with Toronto Jewish Writer John Miller

A Sharp Intake of Breath by
Author: John Miller
Reviewed by Amit Bitnun

One could argue that self-expression is the main reason people write. A character’s voice is either autobiographical or the author’s personal interests, enthusiasms and values are craftily disguised in the choice of subject, the characters and their development. John Miller, whose latest novel A Sharp Intake of Breath (Dundurn, 2007) has received the 2008 Martin and Beatrice Fischer Award in Fiction at the 20th Canadian Jewish Book Awards, admits that writing from someone else’s point of view liberates the imagination.

A Sharp Intake of Breath is the story of Toshy Wolfman. Born into a liberal Jewish family in Toronto in the 1930s, Toshy’s formative years are defined by the insecurity and rejection he feels because of his cleft lip and palate and resulting speech impediment. Despite his photographic memory, his appearance and breathy nasal voice, cause peers to verbally abuse and alienate him, and adults to brand him as stupid and without potential. Toshy’s devotion to his two sisters, combined with feelings of self-loathing and worthlessness, climax in a life-changing, snap decision that consigns him to the Kingston Penitentiary.

The prison experience contributes to his self-growth and maturity and follows him into old age. The no less important present day plot serves as basis for flashbacks into Toshy’s life. The story moves seamlessly between these pieces, whose puzzle-like connection will ultimately give the reader a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. A must-read story of marginalization based on appearance and perceived disability.

The book is so well written, it is very hard to believe that the only part of John Miller reflected in the book is his deep concern and sensibility to social issues. Born in Toronto, he graduated from McGill with an Honours B.A. in Geography of International Development, and obtained an M.A. in International Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies in the Hague, Netherlands .

Whether working with the AIDS Committee of Toronto, being the Executive Director of Trinity Home Hospice, working in policy development and program management for the Ontario government’s Ministry of Community and Social Services, or consulting for non-profit organizations and governments, John has dedicated his expertise to helping the marginalized. “When we step into the shoes of people who’ve been marginalized, it helps us understand the world better.

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